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5 Best Lakes in Texas To Take Your Manitou Pontoon Boat

Texas is home to some beautiful lakes in the country and there’s no better way to enjoy them than on a Manitou pontoon boat. If you’re lucky enough to live in this part of the country, then you have access to many different lakes to enjoy.
One of the best ways to enjoy a lake is on a Manitou pontoon boat. Manitou is a leading manufacturer of pontoon boats, and they have a model to fit any need. Whether you want a small boat for fishing or a large one for entertaining, Manitou has you covered.
In this article, we will discuss the 5 best lakes in Texas to take your Manitou pontoon boat. We will also provide a brief overview of each lake so you can decide which one is right for you.
  1. Lake Buchanan
  2. Lake Conroe
  3. Lake Livingston
  4. Sam Rayburn Reservoir
  5. Toledo Bend Reservoir
So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the best lakes in Texas on your Manitou pontoon boat!

The 5 best lakes in Texas for your Manitou pontoon boat

Now that you know some of the best lakes in Texas for your Manitou pontoon boat, let’s take a closer look. Here are the 5 best lakes in Texas for your Manitou pontoon boat:
  1. Lake Buchanan – This is the largest of the Texas Highland Lakes and offers an amazing shoreline with some interesting nature spots to explore. It’s an excellent lake for fishing, as well as leisurely cruises around the lake on your pontoon boat.
  2. Lake Conroe – This lake is just north of Houston and is an ever-popular destination for Texans looking for rest and relaxation. It’s best known for its exotic fishing opportunities and plentiful boating activities.
  3. Lake Livingston – This man-made lake is 50 miles north of Houston, and surrounded by the ‘Big Thicket’, an area of hardwood forest. It’s an ideal location for outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing, swimming, and of course, taking your Manitou pontoon boat out for a trip.
  4. Sam Rayburn Reservoir – One of the most popular lakes in Texas, Sam Rayburn Reservoir is the perfect place to explore on a pontoon boat. It’s home to many species of fish, and popular for activities like hunting, fishing, and SCUBA diving.
  5. Toledo Bend Reservoir – One of the largest man-made reservoirs in the

Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a large reservoir on the Colorado River in central Texas. It was formed in 1942 as part of the popular River Control System and is located near Austin and the Texas Hill Country. It’s an excellent location for a pontoon boat excursion, as the scenic beauty of the lake is a great way to enjoy an outdoor adventure.
The lake has an abundance of wildlife, fish, and over 100 species of birds. It offers activities such as fishing, skiing, kayaking, swimming, tubing, and boating. It has numerous boat docks and marinas scattered around the lake. Plus, there are many campgrounds, RV parks, and resorts along the lake’s shore.
Be sure to pick up a Texas Parks & Wildlife fishing permit for an excellent day out on the lake. Pontoon boating on the lake is highly enjoyable and a wonderful way to explore and relax in the peace and quiet of this tranquil oasis. Whatever you decide to do on the lake, the sights and sounds of Lake Travis make it one of the best lakes in Texas for a Manitou pontoon boat vacation.

Inks Lake

Inks Lake is a 785-acre reservoir which is part of the infamous Highland Lakes chain. It’s located in central Texas, west of Austin. The clear and clean water of Inks Lake is perfect for a fishing slice of paradise. The lake has an abundance of crappie, bass, catfish, and sunfish.
The lake is surrounded by stunning views and rugged limestone cliffs. There are numerous opportunities for swimming, sailing, boating, skiing, wakeboarding and of course, pontoon boating.
The best way to explore the lake is in a pontoon boat, and there are many places offering rentals. During the summer months, the lake is quite busy, so choosing one of the off-peak times is the best way to enjoy a peaceful and quiet day out on the lake.
Inks Lake is a great place for a day out in your pontoon boat and is one of the best lakes in Texas for an enjoyable time in a Manitou pontoon boat.

Possum Kingdom Lake

Positioned at the entry of the Highland Lakes chain and situated on the Colorado River, Possum Kingdom Lake is a stunning destination for Manitou pontoon boat owners. It is located in north-central Texas between Dallas and Austin and is one of the most popular lakes in the entire state.
Possum Kingdom Lake is over 17,700 acres in size with 120 miles of spectacular shoreline. It is ideal for a scenic day out on your pontoon boat, as it is surrounded by steep, limestone cliffs, pine trees, and picturesque shorelines. Being so easily accessible from Dallas or Austin also helps to make it a popular destination.
There is an abundance of fishing opportunities on Possum Kingdom Lake. Catfish, crappie, bass, and bluegill are just some of the many species living here. The lake is filled with docks, coves, and bays which are the perfect places for shorelines and getting access to them is made easy with your pontoon boat.
Visitors can explore caves, cliffs, and canyons with ease and the boating experience here is like none other in the area. With so many activities, as well as numerous accommodations, it’s no surprise that Possum Kingdom Lake is one of the best places in Texas to take your Manitou pontoon boat.

Cedar Creek Lake

At 6,400 acres in size, Cedar Creek Lake is tucked away in east Texas, near Gun Barrel City and about an hour’s drive southeast of Dallas. It is one of the deepest lakes in Texas, with depths of up to 100 feet. Cedar Creek Lake is also known for its incredible clarity, making it ideal for fishing, swimming, and other water activities.
With the provided shelter around the lake, as well as its abundance of fish, Cedar Creek Lake is a great spot for Manitou pontoon boat owners to explore. It features dozens of coves and inlets, as well as a long, winding shoreline, making it the perfect place to cruise around in your pontoon boat.
Around Cedar Creek Lake, there is an endless supply of activities and attractions for your entire family. Whether it’s paddle-boarding, skiing, fishing, sight-seeing, or picnicking, visitors can experience it all here.
The lake is also home to a range of animal life, like an incredible variety of bird species, as well as eagles, hawks, and osprey. You’re also likely to come across numerous bald eagles during springtime migration. Cedar Creek Lake is a true nature sanctuary, making it the perfect destination for Manitou pontoon boat owners.

Conroe Lake

Coming in at 7,800 acres, Conroe Lake is located about an hour north of Houston. With an average depth of 25 to 35 feet and a maximum depth of 75 feet, this beautiful and clear lake is the perfect destination for your Manitou pontoon boat.
You’ll love exploring Conroe Lake, as it is full of coves and inlets for you to explore. You can find protected spots to take a break from the wind, or the lake is large enough to find deeper waters for more action-packed activities. Whether you like fishing, skiing, sight-seeing, or just floating around in your Manitou pontoon boat, you’ll find something here that everyone in your group enjoys.
Throughout the year, you’ll also find an abundant source of wildlife. Given its location in the piney woods of Texas, you’ll be able to spot various species of waterfowl, bald eagles, ospreys, Hawks, and much more.
The convenient location from Houston and the surrounding areas make Conroe Lake a great option for weekend getaways or longer trips. The plethora of activities and amenities make this lake a top destination for Manitou pontoon boat owners.

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